Tony Mouton


Tony Mouton was introduced, hired and subsequently trained to the financial and insurance industry by the Lincoln Finanacial Services on September 14, 1977.  He then founded TM Professionals in 1981.  While Tony has won many industry related awards throughout his years as an investment professionals, he is more proud of his reputation he and his organization has created by simply always putting their clients first.

Tony has made it quite clear that his clients and their financial goals and objectives are always his priority.  He also adamantly believes that financial products and insurance "should not" be sold.  Instead, these finanacial tools should be provided based on ones...

1)  Needs

2)  Goals

3)  Objectives

4)  Time Horizon

5)  Risk Tolerance 

6)  Suitability

Tony feels that by providing financial options based on the above metioned, you are indeed better positioned to make "informed" decisions in regards to your financial planning.

Tony is married to Lyn Mouton and together they have nine children, 10 grandchildren and one great grandchild 

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