Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance is when you pay a specified premium for a designated amount of time for a locked-in face amount. For instance, if someone buys a 500k term life insurance policy for 20 years, then they are covered with life insurance for 20 years. When the term period is over, the policyholder may have a few options. In some cases, the policyholder can convert their term policy into a permanent policy, shop for new life insurance (higher rates than the previous term due to older age), or terminate their life insurance coverage. TM Professionals offers competitively priced policies which can be very affordable for term life insurance in Covina, CA.

TM Professionals has access to major A-rated companies that offer the best prices in the nation. Working with so many companies, TM Professionals prides themselves on finding affordable life insurance products for their clients. Working with many insurance companies, TM Professionals offers a wide variety of products and different types of life insurance for their clients. Through TM Professionals, you can purchase term life insurance, permanent life insurance, final expense life insurance, simplified life insurance, guaranteed life insurance, and no medical life insurance.

If you would like to know how much a term life insurance policy would cost you, feel free to use our instant life insurance quote! You can find our location on the menu or give us a call at (800) 339-0988.

Most insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits, surrender charges, and terms for keeping them in force. Your representative can provide you with costs and complete details.