Why TM Professionals?




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Why TM Professionals?

TM Professionals is a full-service retirement planning organization that provides valuable expertise in addressing the special needs of individuals, businesses and association members of all kinds.  We have been in business for over thirty five years and we have over 100 years of inhouse office experience.  While many financial services companies focus only on building retirement assets, TM Professionals understand that protecting one's existing assets are equally important.

In building a retirement strategy that's custom tailored just for you, TM Professionals considers how best to minimize the risk for the five greatest retirement liabilities including:

    1)  Low-Interest Rate Environment - These are indeed uncharted waters when one considers just how difficult it has become to realize a reasonable yield on your portfolio. The fact is that if we rely on these extremely low interest rates, we will most likely not keep up with "future needs."

    2)  Volatile Markets - While low interest rates are indeed problematic, overexposure to the markets could cause "irreversible damage" to our retirement portfolio by depleting available funds even beyond future retirement distributions.

    3)  Taxation - The consensus in our country is that taxes can only "increase" as our government attempts to balance its budget and begin to fix its overwhelming national deficit.

    4)  Inflation - This "silent financial killer" contributes to our erosion of financial stability by simply depleting our "purchasing power" through increased cost of consumer goods in the upcoming years.

    5)  Personal Budget - While it is important to enjoy the fruits of our hard efforts in our "primary earning years," we must find a "balance" as to properly appropriate those financial fruits between satisfying our "pleasures of today," with securing our "upcoming needs of tomorrow."

Never confuse our "gross income" with our ability to retain wealth.  This is why it is essential that a balanced "personal budget" is in place, monitored and implemented.  We must consider our budget as a sort of a financial bible.

This approach will assist us with managing our spending in financial concert and parallel to our "income." Remember, our "net" income must be adequate and balanced as to fund the following.

    1) Living expenses
    2) Emergencies 
    3) Short Term Needs
    4) Long Term Needs                                                                    


At TM Professionals, we refer to this strategy as the 3 B's:

    Budget...your expenses
    Balance...your spending
 Blend...your investing

Implementing a strategy to mitigate them by means of our 5-Step Process, TM Professionals helps ensure that your retirement assets are there when they need them.  This provides a Total Retirement Solution designed to ensure lifestyle security and continuity during retirement.

5 Steps to a Better Retirement Plan Strategy

TM Professionals takes a unique approach to architecting a retirement strategy that's custom-tailored for each of our clients, a strategy that emphasizes both building and protecting retirement assets.  This approach to retirement planning is implemented by a 5-Step Process continues throughout the lifetime of the plan.  The plan is not static; it grows and changes as our clients' goals, objectives and places in time do. 

This process directs you through the following key steps on the road to architecting a better retirement strategy:

    Step 1: Define Objectives and Financial Goals
    Step 2: Gather Current Relevant Budget Fundamentals
    Step 3: Analyze Fundamentals and Determine Plan Requirements
    Step 4: Develop a Retirement Strategy
    Step 5: Implementation of the Retirement Strategy

Are you ready to commit to a long-term retirement strategy that's just right for you?

Then begin the process today with your own Financial MRI. A TM Professionals Retirement Planning Consultant will be happy to help walk you through each of these 5-Steps on the road to a financially secure retirement.

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